The best Australian baby names of 2016.

You want a good Aussie name. Is that what you are looking for?

A solid name. A real name. One of the top Australian baby names for 2016?

Well, we’ve got you sorted.

There isn’t a Kylie, a Shane, a Clancy or a Banjo in there. Via IStock.

The best Australian baby names of 2016 have been collated and there isn’t a Kylie, a Shane, a Clancy or a Banjo in there.

Though I quite like Clancy.

While you might be expecting Matilda and Sydney to top the list the top Australian baby names feature the more traditional rather than the poetic.


1.     Oliver

2.     William

3.     Jack

4.     Noah

5.     Thomas

6.     James

7.     Jaxon/Jackson

8.     Ethan

9.     Lucas

10.  Lachlan




1.     Charlotte

2.     Olivia

3.     Amelia


4.     Ava

5.     Mia

6.     Sophia

7.     Chloe

8.     Emily

9.     Sophie

10.  Grace

Source: McCrindle Research

The top Aussie baby names revealed. Via Istock.

But here's a few other Aussie names to consider for girls...what about Adelaide or Sybilla, Victoria or Dawn?

Or Caroline, Alice, Bindi, Betsy or Katherine?

For boys you could consider Edmund or Lawson. Ned or Miles. Morgan or Blight, Murray or Hunter.

NameBerry’s list of suggestions for Aussie names includes Hugh, Elle, Baz, Cate, Heath, Kylie, Nicole, Russell, Naomi and Portia.

Any of these names inspiring? Via Getty.

You don’t have to think hard to see where they got their inspiration.

Of course if politics is your thing you could look to Canberra there might even be some inspiration there.

Malcolm. Bill. Tony, Tanya, Julie, Julia or even Pauline.

See there’s a name for every Aussie kid.

What’s your favourite?