Australian actresses share their experiences of on-set sexual harassment.

Recently, many of Australia’s most talented and successful actresses walked the red carpet at our local version of the Oscars.

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, (known as the AACTA Awards) are all about celebrating the best projects that have been put on both the big and small screen this year.

However, alongside the glitz and the glamour of the event, and asking the locals celebs for their best TV recommendations of the year, there was also a more serious conversation going on.

Following the flood of sexual assault allegations against American film producer Harvey Weinstein this year, and a swag of other high profile men in the film and entertainment industry, women have begun to open up about their own experiences, with movements such as #metoo offering a sense of safety and support.

With this in mind, during the fun of the red carpet, Mamamia asked some of Australia’s most successful actresses for their thoughts on the recent allegations, any advice they had for women in a similar situation and if they could go back in time and give their future selves one piece of advice before entering the industry, what would they say?

Watch the video playing above to see responses from Jessica McNamee, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Melina Vidler and more. 

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