The Australia Post email going viral for all the right reasons.

The anticipation of an online shopping order can be excruciating.

Even if it says delivery takes a week, you WILL spend every waking minute from the second you click ‘purchase’ peering out the window for the post(wo)man.

After ordering some makeup from Tarte Cosmetics in the US,  Cassandra Adair Genevieve Noack from Canberra had a few queries about how her package was tracking.

Cardboard delivery parcel box delivered to doorstep on old wood background
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She emailed Australia Post and the email she got in response has gone viral - for all the right reasons, thanks to the brilliant work of Zunshyne, who works in customer care.

Noack shared it in a makeup group on Facebook earlier in the week where it quickly attracted over 1,000 likes.

"I can understand that you'd be quite eager to receive your package, it's not even mine and I am super excited for you," began the email.


"My name is Zunshyne and it would be my pleasure to assist today so we can get your eyebrows on fleek, highlight so bright it's blinding and that contour poppin."

Image: Facebook

Bless our souls.

Clearly a makeup lover herself, Zunshyne went into detail about how to track the parcel and who to contact should the tracking service not update with details before signing off "May you slay everyday".

Showcasing personality and care in what could have been a very boring email certainly made a good impression.

"When I read this email, I had to do a double take. It's not often that anybody has a great experience with Australia Post, so when I read the email from Zunshyne I nearly fell off my chair," Noack told Mamamia.

"I could not stop laughing after reading it and knew that the members of the makeup social would appreciate it, so I shared it straight away."

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The makeup lover also let Zunshyne and her employer know how she'd made her day.

"When I got the email from Australia Post asking for feedback on Zunshyne and the way my query had been handled, I told them to give Zunshyne a high-five, a raise, and every Friday off from here on in," she said.

"Funnily enough my parcel arrived the next day!"

So next time you're getting frustrated at your parcel delivery, know that there are people bringing 'Zunshyne' into the postal service.

Have you ever got a hilarious customer service response?