Aussie Olympic medallist choked up over his father's support. Then things got awkward.

Bronze-medal winning Olympian Dane Bird-Smith has teared up during an emotional interview while speaking about the support of his father – who was being arrested nearby.

While the 24-year-old Queenslander, who earned his medal in the 20km walk on Day 7, was gushing about the support of his family he had no idea his dad, David, was being detained by police following an argument.

“He’s going to be going nuts somewhere,” Bird-Smith told Channel 7.

“He was on the drinks table. He was going absolutely bananas down there. I’ve got to go find them and catch up.”

Meanwhile, Bird-Smith’s two-time Olympian father was actually detained by military police as he tried to celebrate with his son, The Herald Sun reported.

David Bird-Smith was stopped at a security checkpoint where he got in an argument with police, which led to him being escorted away.

However the incident was not going to ruin Bird-Smith’s day, who has laughed it off.

“The Brazilian police didn’t realise he had his acceditation and they’ve held him up,” Bird-Smith said.