Why I'm fighting for my son's right to live as a girl

A Queensland mum has confessed her four-year-old son tried to cut off his penis because he was so desperate to be a girl.

Michael suffers from a mild form of autism called Asperger's and his behaviour was originally attributed to this condition. He insisted on being called "Jane" at all times and would self-harm if forced to dress as a boy.

Jane is now nine. His parents have watched him transform from a naughty boy called Michael who was constantly getting into trouble at school to a well-behaved girl called Jane who just wants the same rights as other little girls.

Jane lives with her mother, two brothers and younger sister in southeast Queensland. She loves trying on lipstick, dressing up and playing with her best friend. Her father doesn't live with her, but supports her decision and bought her a ballerina-style outfit two years ago. "She picked the fluffiest one there was," he said. "The smile on her face said a million words."

The Daily Telegraph reports that when Jane was asked how long she has known she was a girl, she answered, "Since I was born."

Jane's school was informed last year that her name was legally changing and she wanted to start the 2013 school year as a girl. The school asked Jane's mother to sign an agreement that she would only use the disabled toilets and not compete in girl's sporting activities. She was also told she wouldn't be able to sleep in the girls area at school camp.

A complaint was registered at the school after Jane used the girls toilets, which lead her mother to consider making a gender identity discrimination complaint. The school has since renamed the disabled toilet "unisex" and told all children they can use it.

Jane's mother is going to the Family Court later this year to apply for an order for her child to be given puberty-blocking drugs when she turns 18. She then plans to start her on female hormone treatment.

Watching this interview with Jane's mum is powerful and inspiring. What would you do if you were confronted with the same dilemma?