The girl who posted a smiling 'Auschwitz selfie' has done it again.

“Princess Breanna” has done it again.

The teen whose smiling selfie at a former concentration camp went viral last year has unleashed another controversial tweet.

“Princess Breanna”, who became well-known online after her infamous Auschwitz selfie, took to Twitter this week calling for the shooting of all those involved in the Baltimore riots.

This is the pic that caused international outrage. Image via Twitter.

Her tweet said: “This shit in Baltimore is fucking ridiculous. Shoot all them stupid mother fuckers and get it over with.”

The outrageous tweet came after a state of emergency was declared in Baltimore, the largest city in the US state of Maryland, after protesters clashed with police after the funeral of a 25-year-old black man, who died in police custody.

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The city was devastated by mass riots, looting and widespread damage sparked by tensions between African-Americans and police that culminated following the death of Freddie Gray from spinal injuries.

The death of Freddie Gray was the last straw for a population ravaged by a racial power imbalance.

At least 15 police officers were injured, hundreds of businesses were looted and many buildings were set on fire. Devastated residents appeared on news broadcasts, calling for calm as the city they loved was destroyed around them.

One mother, after seeing her son throw rocks at police, located him and dragged him home.

They probably wouldn’t appreciate the ill-thought words of an audacious teen encouraging police to shoot their outraged, confused and beloved sons.

The selfie that got the world talking: Before you slam the girl who took a selfie at Auschwitz…

The Alabama teen is not one to back away from a controversy, last year saying she regretted nothing about her divisive concentration camp tweet and welcomed her new-found “fame”.

Breanna Mitchell explained she took the selfie in honour of her late father, with whom she studied the Holocaust – however, he never had a chance to visit the camp itself.

She said there was no malicious intent behind the photo, which was canned as insensitive and inappropriate.

And here’s another gem from Breanna:

C’mon, Breanna. Time to grow up. Or get the hell off Twitter.

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