Another young woman has made the decision to sell her virginity to a stranger.

An 18-year-old girl has advertised her virginity online and, terrifyingly, there are people willing to pay for it.

A woman identified only by her first name, Kim, is half Austrian and half German and her starting bid price is £86,640 or $AUD150,500.

“I would like to sell my virginity,” the 18-year-old student reportedly said when she contacted Cinderella Escorts.

“I would like to study in Germany or Vienna. With the money I can buy a flat, pay my tuition fees and afford a car.

“Is it really worth more than 2.3 million euro to give my virginity to a man who might eventually leave me anyway? To be honest, I do not believe it,” she said.

Why is the Victoria’s Secret model re-virginising herself? Post continues below.

The website promises to test and prove the escorts’ virginity with a doctor’s certificate, and also allows potential buyers to do their own tests to double check the ‘purity’ of their chosen escort.

Kim’s profile on the site says she likes orange juice and Greek food and is prepared to travel anywhere to meet the highest bidder, so long as travel is paid for.

Kim says she's prepared to travel to meet the highest bidder, so long as it's paid for. Image via iStock.

Kim was reportedly inspired by 18-year-old Romanian model Aleexandra Khefren who sold her virginity for $AUD3.47 million earlier this year.

Her virginity went to an unnamed business man in Hong Kong.

"I wanted to sell my virginity with Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway," she told media at the time. "And I think many other girls have the same attitude."

Perhaps most troubling, is that Cinderella Escorts is run by German businessman Jan Zakobielski, who pockets 20 per cent of every deal made, and boasts about having the "World's Most Famous Escort Agency".

When asked by Forbes earlier in the year why his clients are so fixated with the idea of virginity, Zakobielski, said via email: "I think not everyone have the same Reasons for it. But generelly a lot of rich men like exklusive things. [sic]"

We wish we were making this up. Sadly, we're not.