'My fiancé doesn't want my best friend to be in our wedding party and his reason is disturbing.'

Weddings are difficult enough without your fiancé dictating who can and can’t be in the bridal party. Especially when the person he doesn’t want to be involved just so happens to be your very best girlfriend.

Unfortunately, that’s the precarious situation one Reddit user now finds herself in, and her future husband’s reasoning is troubling.

“While planning our wedding, it has been brought to my attention that my fiancé does not want my BFF to be in our wedding,” the 32-year-old bride explained. Why? “Because she’s not attractive.”

WOAH. What?

“He says he doesn’t want her ruining our wedding photos and only wants attractive people in our wedding party.”

"He doesn't want her ruining our wedding photos." (Image: iStock)

But... is your partner... a model casting agent or something? He realises this is a WEDDING, not a photo shoot for Vogue, right? Are all of his groomsmen the offspring of Miranda Kerr and Jesus Christ or something?

While the Redditor thinks the idea is "absurd", her partner's friends backed up his logic, and agreed that her best friend would be a terrible choice for maid of honour. Because of this, the bride-to-be has decided to leave her out of the wedding.


'I feel like my best friend will be assuming she is in the wedding party and when I don't ask her she will question it.

"I would feel horrible not asking her but I want to please my fiancé. I don't know how to handle this. Sadly, I don't have many girlfriends to pick from so I'm at a loss."

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The internet's response to the condundrum has been both swift and damning.

"I really don't understand why people think that weddings are some sort of beauty pageant," one angry commenter wrote. "The members in your wedding party should be close friends and people who've supported you through life, not a collection of models from GQ or Cosmo."

Others agreed, writing, "How could you do such a cruel thing to your best friend?" and "This isn't someone I'd want to get married to".

And, finally, what might just be the most epic comment ever: "The only person you're going to regret having in your wedding photos is your fiancé."

What advice would you give this bride?