“Attention seeking” mum faked son’s terminal illness and even bought his casket, police claim.

For 13 years Danita Tutt has devoted her life caring for her sick son.

She’s been there for him when he has come out of vital, lifesaving surgeries, been by his side at Ronald McDonald house, raised money through fundraisers and celebrity visits for him and even bought his casket for what she says is his tragic impending death.

But there are now allegations that the young teenager – said to have spent 13 years with a heart condition, kidney disease, short-term memory loss, high functioning autism and brittle bone disease after being born prematurely – has never been sick at all, and that his mother has faked his illnesses in order to get attention.

Danita Tutt and her son Colby. Via GoFundMe.

In April Danita Tutt told the local newspaper in the town of Cleburne in Texas where they live that her son, Colby was ready to die.

It was heartbreaking words to hear from any mother.

“He keeps telling us that he is ready to go to Heaven so he won’t be sick anymore. It just gives us peace knowing he is going to be with our savior.”

But today she is being held on a $25,000 bond after being arrested and Colby has begun eating again and has been weaned off all pain medications after being removed from his mother’s care.

Earlier this year Colby Tutt made headlines when a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Erick Rowan paid a surprise visit to his home and took the “terminally ill” 13-year-old and his family to an event.


But police now say Danita Tutt was lying about her son’s health. She stands accused of causing serious bodily injury to her son by lying about his medical history to the boy’s doctors, prompting the boy to undergo unnecessary surgeries and be placed on unneeded pain medications.

The Star Telegram reports that those surgeries included placement of a central line that later led to a potentially life-threatening blood infection.

Tutt stands accused of causing serious bodily injury to her son by lying about his medical history. Fort Worth Police.

Tutt is also accused of withholding food and water from Colby investigators said.

“Mrs. Tutt is an attention-seeking type person and enjoys the attention she gets for having two medically fragile children,” the allegations read “There are concerns that she may end Colby’s life. There are concerns for the safety of his sibling.”

Child protective services took custody of Colby and his brother claiming that Tutt had bought a casket for her son in preparation of his death.

In April, in a range of media interviews she gave about her son’s condition, she told The Cleburne Times Review that Colby had 34 separate medical conditions.

“He has a colon three times the size of an adult’s colon and he has to do stomach flushes every night,” Danita Tutt said. “He cannot absorb any nutrients on his own so his diet consists of total parenteral nutrition supplements and his weight is down to 56 pounds.”


But investigators now say Tutt was withholding food from her son reports KURTV.

Since being removed from his mother's care Colby has gained weight and eats by mouth. Via GoFund Me

An affidavit to investigators revealed how a hospice administrator had discovered that despite his mother saying that Colby could not tolerate solid foods when his parents were not present she found he could in fact eat.

“My evening with Colby was surprising in that Colby ate a bean and cheese burrito, a piece of cake and approximately 20 ounces of sweet tea and tolerated it all,” Connie Koehler, the administrator said.

When removed from his mother’s care in May Colby weighed just 25 kilograms had a feeding tube, a central line and a colostomy bag, and was on several pain medications.

But police say he now eats only by mouth, has gained weight and has had his central line and colostomy bag removed.

Dr. Bankol Osuntokun said that the improvement to his condition after he was removed from his mother's care are indicative of starvation.

Tutt also claimed on social media that her younger son,  Colton was also sick, suffering "primary ciliary dyskinesia" - a respiratory problem seeing him require 15 seperate surgeries.

Tutt told  The Cleburne Times Review that Colton's condition was not understood by doctors but they had managed it so that they could concentrate on Colby. However she said she believed Colby's time was coming to an end.


“I believe Colby has served his purpose that God put him here for” she said.

There is speculation that Danita Tutt may have been suffering from Munchausen by proxy.

According to the Medical Journal of Australia, “The label ‘Munchausen by proxy syndrome’ is best applied to cases of child abuse in which a caregiver, usually the child’s mother, fabricates symptoms or induces illness in a dependent child, and the doctor mistakenly believes that a naturally occurring illness is present. Thus, an active interaction between the caregiver-perpetrator and medical professional is required for the syndrome to occur.”

Colby Tutt made headlines when a World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Erick Rowan paid a surprise visit to his home Via Fox 4.

Lawyers for Danita Tutt acting for her in her CPS case say there is no question that Colby was sick and that Danita was an exemplary mother.

“This lady has literally devoted her life to taking care of this little boy and his medical problems,” her lawyer said.

"In our opinion, there’s no way the allegations against Mrs. Tutt are true. There were too many people looking over her shoulder — physicians, family, friends. I literally have 25 affidavits sitting on my desk attesting what an outstanding individual she is.”

But police beg to differ.

Colby and his brother are now being cared for by their maternal grandparents.