When can you put your kids to work?

When should your kids start helping around the house?

Masterchef Junior ruined my expectations of my future children. It gave me the very best idea ever. You see, I am not a big fan of cooking. I am not very good at it and it just doesn’t float my boat. So I figured if I have a kid, that loves to cook as much as those little kids on TV…well then… I have every future dinner sorted.

And why stop there?

My second child could be a Block Junior. Think of how much money I would save on paying tradies for future generations.

Okay, yes, I am well aware that this is just a fantasy and if I ever did start making my future children slave away in the kitchen or skip school to re-tile my bathroom it would be very very wrong. But a girl can dream.

It is all about teaching them about responsibility.

So instead I started to think of what kind of chores kids can start doing around the house. And this is what I found (P.S. Before 2 years old, they aren't a big help):

2 - 4 years old

They can also help to put their toys away. Teaching them to clean up after themselves will hopefully help them learn it as a skill for the future (no guarantee they will remember this when they are clothes-belong-on-the-floor teens).

4 - 7 years old

Finally, they can start helping a little more. Depending on their age and ability, they can help set the table. This will give them something to do other than asking "Can I have some chocolate cake before dinner?" Get them to put out serviettes, forks (and knives if you trust them) and plates and glasses.

Ignore this look.

As they start to hit the 7 year mark they can start to make their own bed and water plants around the house. If you have a pet, this is the time to start getting them to feed the cat/dog/gold fish and learn how to care for others.

8 - 10 years old

Okay, now let's get them working.

You can start to say "chefs don't wash dishes" and get them to wash the dishes or stack the dishwasher. (And hopefully, they will hate it and decide to be a Junior Masterchef).

They can also take out the garbage, vacuum the house, help wash the car and rake the leaves in the garden. They are also fully equipped to not only feed the family dog, but also pick up their number twos.

After 10 years old, you can pretty much get them to do most chores around the house.

What chores do you get your kids to do?