5 ridiculously easy ways to make your home feel like a relaxing day spa.

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There is precisely nothing worse than feeling your whole body build up with stress. You know that hideous, stiff soreness that only comes from a hectic week at work while fighting off ‘unprecedented’ struggles about dealing with, I don’t know, a pandemic?

That’s why my 2020 mantra has been to prioritise (where possible) as much self-care as I can physically manage.

And while self-care can look a little different for everyone, for me it looks like this: Creating an at-home day spa.

I know this may sound rather lavish, but to be honest, it’s ridiculously simple. It involves a bath (or bucket, if you don't have a bath), some bath salts, a serene playlist and occasionally, a cucumber.

To walk you through the setup, construction and supreme relaxation steps, I’ve mapped out the five ridiculously easy ways you can make your home feel like a day spa.

(Your zen self can thank me later.)

STEP ONE: Run a bath. Or grab a bucket.

If you are living the rental dream and have your very own bathtub, then fill that thing up with toasty warm water as fast as you can.

However, if you are bathless - have no fear! Simply grab yourself a bucket because you’re about to create your own little slice of foot-soak heaven.

Fill your bathtub (or a bucket or big flat-bottomed bowl) with warm water and scoop two to three cups of EpZen’s Relax Crystals in there.

Sprinkle that greatness! Image: Supplied.


If you didn’t know, magnesium is known to help improve your mood and your quality of sleep. That’s why I highly recommend topping up your glorious bath after a super stressful day.

These crystals combine premium grade magnesium with a blend of 100 per cent natural essential oils like rosewood, geranium, ylang ylang and frankincense, which have been used for centuries in aromatherapy.


Here was my magical bath setup so you can have some visual inspiration.

Already feeling relaxed just looking at this. Image: Supplied.

STEP TWO: Blast these soothing spa tunes.

Turning your space into a semi-professional day spa is now four million times easier because you can switch on a playlist and let soothing tunes fill your bathroom, bedroom or living room. It’s the quickest way to drown out thoughts and any mayhem happening in your house - especially if you play it through noise-cancelling headphones.


Ah, for the love of streaming.

From highly strung to super-zen in 0.34 seconds, check out these Spotify playlists and albums that will transform your home into a day spa.

STEP THREE: Light some candles. You deserve it.

I know it seems ~basic~ but indulging in a few fiery flames can really set the tone of your at-home spa. Adding little stylised touches to your space will allow you to lean into the headspace that you’re actually at a spa, and not just locking yourself in your own bathroom.

Candles ft. dreamy headrest and classic fake plant. Image: Supplied.


I would recommend going for relaxing scents from your candle collection. Think less citrus and sugar, more lavender and vanilla. 

STEP FOUR: Lotion literally every inch of your body.

Once you’ve meditated while listening to spa music and soaking your feet and/or entire body in magnesium loveliness, it's time to lock in said loveliness with an all-over lotion session.

To trap all that anti-stress goodness from the magnesium crystals, you want to lather yourself in a luxurious lotion that also packs a magnesium punch. My recommendation? Has to be the EpZen RELAX Magnesium Body Lotion that nourishes with macadamia oil, cocoa seed butter, shea butter and rosehip oil while allowing the magnesium to hydrate and de-stress your skin.

Mid-massage. Image: Supplied.


Start from your feet and work upwards, rubbing the lotion in with big circular strokes and focussing on areas where you feel super tight or sore. Once you’re covered from head to toe, just sit and let it all soak in.


And you know what they say? If you can’t get someone to give you a massage, just give yourself one! (I don’t know if anyone actually says that, but it’s giving me serious 2020 vibes.)

STEP FIVE: Cucumber. Trust me. 

We know it probably feels a bit gimmicky, but actually chopping a cucumber and placing the slices over your eyes is just further encouragement to zone the heck out and truly relax.

You can either pop your out-of-office cucumbers on for the crystal soak session or the letting-the-lotion-work-its-magic session while you let your mind focus on the sweet, sweet spa tunes.

Delicious. Image: Supplied.


Warning: You may be so relaxed after these five steps you actually just fall fast asleep on your bathroom floor. It may or may not have happened to me…

Woke up seriously rested and stress-free though.

If you’d like to try setting up your own day spa at home, make sure you’re armed with EpZen’s Magnesium Bath and Body range, which you can shop right here.

EpZen products are Australian made, vegan, cruelty free, parabens and sulphate free.