CULT BUY: "I went to get a facial and the product they recommended has changed my skin."

Editor’s note: As always, this cult buy is not sponsored. Just a review of a bloody good product.

I have had a grand total of one facial in my life.

A birthday gift card was given to me by my sisters way back in March, permitting me entry to the facialist Zoe Foster Blake recommended on her blog about a bazillion years ago, Melbourne’s Me Skin & Body.

(I trust anything ZFB says about skin. Since using her Go-To range I am a true believer. Seriously. If she told me to go wash my face with dirty dishwater, I’d be asking for a hair tie and running to the sink.)

Anyway. Back to the facial. At the South Yarra clinic there were many white towels and women with very tiny pores and the whole experienced left me extremely dewy skinned (and slightly poorer, but oh well).

While my skin had been pretty well-behaved since I departed my acne-ridden early twenties, the facialist did have one major critique: I had a build up of dead skin. A considerable build up of dead skin, actually.

“What exfoliant do you use?” she asked me with a voice like a Butter Menthol.

“Oh… um… I don’t use one,” I stammered. “I really only use make-up wipes, micellar water, and moisturiser. My skin is really sensitive so I don’t really exfoliate.”

Her eyes widened. It dawned on me that I’d made a very big mistake.

The facialist explained that while my skin looked healthy from afar, upon closer inspection, my T-zone was actually clogged up. Oops?


“You need to use an exfoliant,” she told me. “Using a gentle exfoliant once a week is best.”

That’s when she whipped out a shiny space-age jar – Aspect’s Fruit Enzyme Mask – and my skin was forever changed.


With just a single push down, the jar emits a pea-sized lump of orangey product; enough to cover your entire face. Once you massage it in with small circular motions, and leave it for about 10 minutes, you can literally feel the dead skin balling up in your fingers.

Gross, I know. But also super satisfying. And strangely, unbelievably, as gentle as a baby duck.

Then? You simply wash the product off with warm water and apply your moisturiser or night cream as usual. And voila.

I’ve now been using this product as a regular in my skincare routine for months, and every time I look in the mirror I see a noticeable difference: It’s glowy. Clearer. Brighter.

The tub is on the pricey side, costing a cool $59.00, but across the five months I’ve been using it I’m yet to run out. With a combination of aloe vera, papaya and pineapple extract, it’s also suitable for all skin types – including those with sensitive, reactive, or problem skin.

So if your skin feels clogged, I highly recommend you give this a try.

Thank goodness for facialists, right?

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