You might want to think twice before wearing this ASOS choker for Halloween.

Halloween is just a few weeks away and for those who need to dress up but can’t reallllyyy be bothered, this ASOS “dripping blood” choker might seem ideal.

It costs just $10.78, is gory enough to count but still looks ‘good’ and glows blood red in the dark.

Perfect, right?

Well, until you take a closer look.


Image: ASOS

As all things online, it wasn't long before the innocent accessory received the treatment of the internet and its dirty mind.

Because while in the dark it might look like horrifying dripping blood, in the day it looks like a, ahem, dripping, creamy white substance around your neck.

Once you see it....


It's even got its own dedicated Reddit thread, where it is currently the butt of some rather naughty (but hilarious) puns, quickly earning itself the title "jizz choker".


One user summed it up perfectly - and of the few that are actually NSFW.

"Well, that looks wrong," they wrote. Post continues after gallery...

Not exactly what ASOS had in mind, I imagine.

A classic '90s trend, chokers have enjoyed a major resurgence in the last few months from stars like Taylor Swift to every second woman you pass on the street.

And while it's entirely up to you whether you wear this particular one come (sorry!) Halloween, it's probably just a good idea to be aware of what those with their mind in the gutter might be thinking.

Plus, there's always the option of DIY-ing with fake blood.

Head falling apart ???????? #halloweenmakeup

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Image: ASOS