The ASOS feature we've all been waiting for is finally here.

It’s happened. It’s finally happened.


A privilege previously reserved for ASOS Premier members (who pay $39 a year), cost-free returns are now available to everyone — even if you’ve just made an ill-informed/desperate/drunk/late-night purchase.


Yes, you can now go forth and shop with reckless abandon, safe in the knowledge you can send it right on back to where it came from via ParcelPoint Drop Off or Australia Post Tracked Return.

As long as you do it within 28 days, and as long as the items are in their original condition, you’re good.

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So, the jumpsuit that’s clearly not made for your body type but you’re secretly hoping will miraculously suit you?

Go ahead.

Those gumboots you’re pretty sure you’ll never wear but just want to try on anyway?

Hit ‘Add to bag’.

Embrace it now, people. Because there’s a teeny, tiny little asterisk on the ASOS returns page that reveals it may not be forever:

*Trial only. ASOS may withdraw or amend at any time.

Let’s hope they won’t be that cruel.