ASOS introduces a delivery fee, crushes online shoppers everywhere.


Not since the passing of Patrick on Offspring have we been so trivially devastated.

After offering worldwide customers free shipping, ASOS have announced they are now, as of yesterday, charging a delivery fee.

Again, nooooooooo.

Australian customers now have to spend over $30 to get free shipping. For orders under $30, a flat fee of $4.99 will be charged.

Which doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? $4.99? That’s about how much you pay for a large coffee in most capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, I’m looking at YOU).

But put in perspective, with ASOS’ bargain prices, you can say goodbye to those cheeky impulse purchases. For example, a $7.83 pack of normcore hair clips will now set you back a whopping $12.82.

Suddenly not so much of a bargain, huh?

Let’s look at makeup for a second, on ASOS right now Stila’s Custom Colour Blush is $25.43, with the delivery of $4.99 added, is on par with what we pay here for the same product ($32).

Of course being on antipodean shores we’re used to paying a premium for shipping, but just like low university fees, it sure was good while it lasted.

And just like Patrick’s passing, we’ll get over it… eventually.

But wait! You can however, pay $39 a year for ASOS Premier membership, which entitles you to free express shipping (two days to metro areas in Australia) with unlimited orders (shop as much as you like!).

A spokesperson at ASOS Head Office confirms the new shipping charges won’t affect the Premier membership.

“The recent changes to delivery charges do not impact our Premier customers. For $39 a year, our Premier customers receive free express delivery, regardless of how much is spent, as well as free unlimited returns and other VIP perks.”

So if you’re a frequent ASOS shopper (um, who isn’t?), it might be worth signing up for, stat!

 Will the new delivery fee change the way you shop at ASOS?

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