Ask mamamia

Here is a question from Margie:

Hi Mia,

I was hoping you could help with  a roadtest/advice re: moisturisers.  
As I am on maternity leave for 2 years we are on a budget.  I used to 
buy Lancome or Estee Lauder moisturiser.  What I want to know is what 
are the good cheaper brands?

Well, Margie must be working her ESP because I've been pondering this exact question myself these past weeks. No more $350 face creams for this little recessionista. Seriously, was I on crack? Don't answer that.

So I rang my friend Zoe The Beauty Expert. I once gave Zoe a job as a beauty editor when I was at Cosmo because she is brilliant and I also launched her book which is also brilliant. As payment for both, I demanded she make herself available to me at all hours into eternity whenever I needed beauty advice. I utilise this service not infrequently, such as last week when I texted her: "What is good cleanser I can buy from chemist not expensive". She replied: "Try Olay Total Effects Blemish Control. Has mild salycilic acid. Also good: trilogy or in-essence (hippy stuff)"

So I bought some Olay cleanser as well as some Olay facial moisturiser with an SPF15 and a hint of fake tan in it (the sound you just heard is the disappearance of every man who has ever read this blog) and are you still with me? I couldnt' find the blemish control cleanser she mentioned but I bought something Olay that said it cleansed in 7 ways. Who knew there were even 7 ways to cleanse? Or even 2?

Ok, suggestions please……..