She gave too little money at a wedding - now the bride and groom are unhappy.

Thankfully we’ve all moved on from the days when an acceptable wedding gift was monogrammed hand towels and tacky stationary. I mean, let’s face it, no fledgling young couple is ever going to be ungrateful for a fistful of cash, right?


A woman, who goes by the username Puzzledandpissedoff, recently posted on forum mumsnet claiming that a not-so-happy couple had brutally gift-shamed her £100 (nearly $200 Australian) cash present.

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The “gobsmacked” guest, let’s call her PAPO, received an email from the newlyweds that read:

“We were surprised that your contribution didn’t seem to match the warmth of your good wishes on the day.

“In view of your own position, if you wanted to send any adjustment it would be thankfully received.”

We’ll give you a second to digest that…



Okay, so PAPO went on to clarify that her “position” likely referred to some money she has recently inherited. But more importantly, that bride was neither a friend nor a relative – just a woman she use to work with.

“In all honesty I was a bit surprised even to get the invitation,” PAPO wrote in a later post, “but I’m a sucker for weddings anyway and genuinely wanted to wish them well. Probably I should have worked out what the clear motivation was …”

Fellow mumsnet users were quick to show their solidarity with PAPO, with more than 1000 offering creative and crude suggestions on how she ought to respond.

"My adjustment would be cancelling the cheque," offered DrE678. "Cheeky bastards!"

Meanwhile Shinynewusername encouraged her to "donate the £100 to charity and send them a screenshot of the donation."

Unsurprisingly, the miserly bride had already cashed the cheque, so bitterly yanking it back was not an option.

Instead, PAPO chose to responded to the email with a single sentence:

"I assume this was some sort of a mistake?"