Your cheat sheet to the Asian ingredients taking over your beauty kit.

Beauty lovers all over the world have been raving about Korean and Japanese beauty products of late, and with good reason.

Case in point: Remember the great BB cream hype of 2012? It was old news to the Koreans, who’d regarded it as a miracle product for a good 30 years before we’d even heard of the term here in Australia.

Considered to be at the cutting edge of beauty and skincare research (and with a real emphasis on caring for skin),  it’s little surprise that the knowledge of popular ingredients used in Asian beauty products can seem, well, confusing.

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Should you be putting snail secretion on your face? Is prune water good for your skin? And what on earth is syn-ake?

Illustrator Darien Chen feels our pain. Trawling through product information, websites and the subreddit Asian Beauty where people trade reviews and experiences of using products, he has compiled the ultimate cheat sheet to 18 common product ingredients. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Unfortunately, because many of these ingredients have only recently become popular, a lot of them do not have readily available research studies in English,” Chen told Allure.

“The guide is meant to be a quick cheat sheet to give you a feel of what a product is supposed to do. While it’s not foolproof, the goal is to quickly inform people about which ingredients to keep an eye on when looking for help with a specific concern,” he says.

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According to Refinery 29, other popular ingredients include prune water (good for hydrating the skin) and baking powder to exfoliate (although it's best to consult a doctor before trying this as it could be abrasive on the skin).

While rose, green tea and vitamin A aseem doable, we have to admit that the thought of putting snail secretion on our faces does sound a little less appealing.

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However according to trend forecasters The Future Laboratory this could soon be the norm, with salmon hatchery water, donkey milk and decomposed matter among the popular beauty ingredients to watch for 2015.

Slime serum anyone?

Would you try products with these ingredients? Do you have any Asian beauty products to recommend?