Ashy Bines has faced further legal trouble.

Ashy Bines has faced further legal troubles – over a debt totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Self-proclaimed fitness guru Ashy Bines has amassed a loyal following of thousands of women who’ve paid $100 to access her Clean Eating Diet Plan, and another 200,000 women who’ve signed up to do her famous Bikini Body Challenge.

But earlier this year, it was revealed that at least 10 recipes from 26-year-old Bines’ online products were exactly the same or slightly altered from recipes found on other, earlier food sites.

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And now, it’s been revealed the Federal government sought to wind up one of her companies.

The Courier Mail reports the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation applied in November to wind up the company behind the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge, for which Bines is famous. The application to wind up the company — ABBBC Pty Ltd — was lodged in relation to a $295,955 tax debt due last May.

A representative for Ms Bines said the action had now been withdrawn.

“(W)e have received a letter from the Australian Government Solicitor advising that this action has been ceased and acknowledging that all lodgements have been received,” the spokesperson said in an email to Mamamia.

She said that letter was received on 17 December 2014.

Ashy Bines. (Photo: Instagram)

The Courier Mail reports Ms Bines and her personal trainer husband Steven Evans — who are expecting their first child together later this year — sold their shares in the company and are now being sued for a second company, of which they are the only members and shareholders.

Bines and Evans, who currently live in a six-bedroom, $2 million waterfront home. (Photo: Instagram)


Evans is separately being sued by model, bodybuilder and ‘diet guru’ Emily Anderson.

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The Gold Coast Bulletin reports Anderson, who has three million online followers and about 70,000 women following her ‘clean eating’ and fitness program, launched her company ‘Emily Skye 30 Day 2 Shred’ in February 2013 with Steven Evans as a joint director — and now alleges Evans funnelled her money into his other businesses and didn’t promote her business effectively.