Feud erupts between celebrity fitness trainers Ashy Bines and Emily Anderson.

Health and fitness juggernaut, Emily Anderson, is reportedly suing the husband of her “arch rival” Ashy Bines.

Based on the Gold Coast, Emily Anderson runs her own dieting and fitness empire, under the brand “Emily Skye Fit” (ESF). Since its conception a few years ago, Anderson has accumulated over nine million likes on Facebook and a loyal following.

The Courier Mail reports she has filed a lawsuit against Steven Evans, the husband of Bines, a competing personal trainer from the Gold Coast.

Both Bines and Anderson have made a fortune by selling their diet and fitness programs online to women, with a strong social media presence.

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As detailed in the statement filed with the Supreme Court of Queensland, ESF alleges Evans was behind a “spam attack” of emails sent to her ESF subscribers in June last year.

Anderson claims millions of emails were sent over four days allegedly with the malicious intent of damaging ESF and benefiting Ashy Bines.

The alleged emails promoted fake discounts with the ESF program, the Courier Mail reports.

Anderson alleges the move discredited her business by making it appear she would send out unsolicited emails, thereby directing customers to her competitor.

She was originally claiming $243,333 in damages to her business, but it has now changed to an unspecified amount.

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Evans reportedly denies being responsible for the spam emails pretending to be from ESF.

The two parties have been ordered by Justice Martin Daubney to settle outside of court by November 25. If it fails, a trial date for next year will be set by December 9.

This isn’t the first time controversy has stirred between Bines and Anderson, with the two having a public falling over the past year.

Anderson reportedly sued Evans for allegedly breaching his work duties when he was the director of ESF.