Ashley Graham just shared a photo of her 'cellulite thighs' and we can't stop cheering.

Body positive model Ashley Graham’s latest Instagram post focuses on a physical feature that far too many women are ashamed of – cellulite.

The curvy 28-year-old posted a close-up photo of her thigh as she sat on the beach in a bikini yesterday, boasting scattered dimples that many women are familiar with.

Graham began her caption by busting the myth that cellulite can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle, reminding followers that she works out and tries her best to “eat well”.

Unlike so many women who hide their cellulite, Graham is determined to not let dimply thighs affect her self-esteem.

“I love the skin I’m in,” Graham wrote. “And I’m not ashamed of a few lumps, bumps or cellulite.. and you shouldn’t be either.”

The post certainly got people talking, receiving over 7,000 comments in under 24 hours as fans commented messages of support for the body positivity advocate.


“This makes me feel so good,” commented one user. “I see the same thing [and] that’s okay.”

Graham is determined to not let dimply thighs affect her self-esteem. Image via Getty.

"I'm right there with you, doesn't matter how long I'm at the gym or eat right, drink tons of water etc, I started loving myself and enjoying life and even though my waist has grown, so has my confidence!" wrote another. "Thanks for showing us that we are all beautiful in out own skin!"

It's great to see a model share and embrace a common physical feature, which is often regarded as a flaw.

Keep up the great work, Ashley!

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