A new role for Asher Keddie.

Cue sexual tension and political intrigue.



Uh, Nina what are you doing?

What’s with the bob? And the power suit? I mean you look great as always but…

Where is the bumbling inner-monologue? AND WHERE IS ZOE?

If you were you thinking (and possibly yelling) these things last night as the promo for Channel 10’s new show Party Tricks aired, you certainly were not alone.

It seems the future of our beloved Offspring seems even dicier with Network Ten announcing Asher Keddie‘s starring role in a new six-part political drama series.

The show, which is ‘coming soon’, is set in the Victorian Parliament and is a story about the battle for leadership between the Labor Party’s Kate Ballard (played by Keddie) and the Liberal Party’s David Mcleod, played by the well-known and loved Rodger Corser.

If we’re honest – it looks pretty good:

Channel Ten is yet to confirm a 6th season for the Proudman clan, but at least we’ll all be content knowing that Australia’s favourite actress and our personal spirit animal will feature on our screens for a little bit longer.

What do you think of Party Tricks? Are you looking forward to seeing Asher Keddie in a new role?