Asher Keddie's husband did the most beautiful painting of his son.






In case you haven’t noticed, we are a little bit in love with Asher Keddie.

Presumably, though, not quite as besotted as the 40-year-old Offspring star’s husband, Vincent Fantauzzo.

Fantauzzo has just won the Archibald’s People Choice Award for the fourth time, making him the most successful artist in the category’s 26-year history.

Last year, he won it for his stunning portrait of Asher herself, titled Love Face.

This year, he has won it for a beautiful portrait of his four-year-old son Luca in a Superman costume, and called it All That’s Good In Me.

Vincent accepted the $3500 prize at the Art Gallery of NSW today with Luca and proud wife Asher, who were married in a secret ceremony in Fiji in April. “That’s going to buy us a lot of lego,” Vincent said to little Luca, who assisted him in painting the portrait’s background. “He did all the nice drippy bits.”



Though the portrait is of Luca, Vincent’s son from a previous marriage, the artist sees the portrait as a reflection of himself. “He’s a reflection of me and how I behave, and it’s also my passion and drive and conscience and all those things rolled into one,” says Vincent, 37.

Looks like Luca might be after a career in painting, too…


Vincent’s past portraits have had worldwide accolade, with his portrait of celebrity chef (and Godfather to Luca) Matt Moran winning the Packing Room Prize at the Archibald in 2011.

To see more of Vincent’s incredible work, head to his website.