The subtle difference in how Bran greeted his sisters has Game of Thrones fans on edge.

Bran Stark knows his stuff these days. Not only can he see the political s**tstorm unfolding around him, but thanks to that handy ‘third eye’ he also knows what’s going to happen next.

Pretty impressive for a boy who was once thrown off a three-story tower.

Of course, this foresight makes him one of the most closely watched characters on season seven. Game of Thrones super fans are dissecting every move he makes, every word he says, every look he gives, for little clues as to what might happen next.

The latest theory revolves around those rather lacklustre reunions Bran had with his sisters, Lady Sansa and Arya Stark when they each returned to Winterfell.

We’ll let Redditor, riffy61, explain:

“When Bran reunites with Sansa at Winterfell (S7 EP3) he very clearly does not embrace her back when she is hugging him (we see a view that shows his hands remain by his side). In fact, while Sansa hugs him he stares blankly beyond her (which yes, I recognise is kind of his thing to do now).

“However, when he reunites (S7 EP4) with Arya he does hug her back (a view is shown with his arm around her), and while his face is still blank-ish, there definitely appears to be a hint of concern as he stares over Arya’s shoulder at Sansa (who looks down).

“Bran knows that something is not right with Sansa and that she will likely do something that hurts her family. He made a point of arming Arya with that dagger, which he can see she will have to use for some reason not yet known to us. Will she have to kill Sansa?”

Take a look.

Here’s Bran and Sansa:

Pretty frosty, even for a dude who’s spent a decent amount of time being wheeled through the sleet and snow beyond The Wall.

And here’s Bran and Arya:

Sansa does seem to be rather enjoying lording – sorry – ladying over the North while her ‘brother’ Jon Snow is patting dragons down south.

Maybe she’ll come to enjoy it a little too much.

So while she previously told Jon that, “No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone”, perhaps No One is precisely who she needs protection from…