Great news, travellers. Your armrest battles are FINALLY over.



At last you can relax, everyone. Put down your weapons. Unsharpen your knives.

All of your armrest-related battles have FINALLY been solved.

It’s a hell of a struggle. Sitting down in your plane seat, awkwardly locating the other end of your seat belt buckle. Relaxing back into your (uncomfortable but cheap) seat. And then BOOM, your elbow gets shoved off its rest.

The only alternatives have been to a) attack or b) share, neither of which are appealing.


Introducing Soaragami (like ‘Soar’ and ‘Origami’, not So-aragami, just in case you struggled there).


It’s a little piece of plastic that folds into a divider for the arm rest and then clips on, effectively separating you from anyone who may want to brush their elbow skin against your elbow skin. Though, hopefully, your neighbour might be so offended when you whip out your Soaragami, they might jump out of the plane altogether, and then your arms have two seats worth of sweet, sweet freedom.

If only they could made one that went all the way up, we could just get rid of talking to strangers altogether.

But seriously, Soaragami could be useful. We’ll take two. One to permanently attach to each elbow, just in case.

Want to watch a whole two-minute cartoon advertisement? Of course you do.