Armpit tattoos are real and we can't stop looking at them.

Armpit tattoos are now a thing and, well, they’re kind of mesmerising.

While my armpits are covered in long hairs I’ve missed with my razor and chalky white deodorant stains, other people’s pits are pretty much (sweaty) works of art.

So many people are getting their pits inked that #armpittattoo is now trending on Instagram and there are over 7000 tatted pits on the social media site.

And look – we’re not going to lie to you – it’s pretty easy to lose a few hours gawking at other people’s armpit art.

But armpit tatts aren’t for the fainthearted, the skin under your arm is some of the most sensitive on the body, and you’d have to be pretty brave to let someone loose in there with a needle.


HuffPost UK spoke to tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who said armpits are one of the most “painful places” as we have “a lot of nerves running through there”.

There is good news. Paul says you can still shave your armpits after you get a tattoo. Which is great, because those pesky armpit hairs could get in the way of your pit masterpiece.

“Help – I lasered off my pubes and now my feminist teenage daughters have seen me nude”. Post continues…

Would you get an armpit tattoo? 

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