In case his crimes weren't outrageous enough, wait till you hear what the Cleveland kidnapper said in court.


Overnight, Ariel Castro – the man who kidnapped three women in Cleveland and kept them locked in his house for 11 years – was sentenced to life in jail plus 1000 years.

After the judge’s sentence was delivered, 52-year-old Castro was given the opportunity to address the courtroom and his victims.

In the 16 minutes that followed, Castro provided an utterly bizarre and deluded explanation of how his victims met their fate.

He claimed that he is “not a monster” and that sex between him and his three victims – Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina de Jesus – was “consensual.”

His comments are so outrageous that they are almost laughable, if it weren’t for the perverted and depraved horrors he subjected his victims to.

Warning: The footage is disturbing and could be triggering for those who have had experience with abuse.

At 1:04 Castro says “I’m not a monster. I’m sick.”

At 1:53 Castro talks about being addicted to porn “to the point that it makes me impulsive.”

At 2:01 Castro maintains “I’m not trying to make excuses here.”

At  3.09 Castro claims “I never had a record until I met my children’s mother… What she’s saying that I was a wife beater, that is wrong because this happened because I couldn’t get her to quiet down.


At 4:30 He admits to masturbating for two to three hours a day “non stop”.

At 4:54 Castro talks about picking up his first victim (Michelle Knight).

At 5:39 Castro says defiantly “I’m not a violent person”.

At 6:47 He talks about trying to create a normal life for his children.

At 7:01 He says “I am not a violent person, I simply kept them them without them being able to leave.”

At 7:23 Castro says he did not know Gina de Jesus (his second victim) was a friend of his daughter’s when he picked her up.

At 8:23 Castro talks about having an addiction “just like an alcoholic”.

At 8:29 He says “most of the sex that went on in the house – all of it – was consensual. These allegations about being forced or honoured, that is totally wrong.”

At 8:55 Castro claims: “The girls were not virgins… They had multiple partners before me. All three of them.”

At 9:23 Castro says “I just acted on sexual instincts.”

At 9:52 He finally apologies to the victims. “To this day I’m trying to answer my own questions. I don’t know why.”

At 13:55 He begs for forgiveness.