The most talked about moments from the 2015 ARIA Music Awards.

The ARIAs last night had everything.

Well, everything except an equal representation of women and men at Australia’s biggest music event of the year.

Despite this, there were a stellar performance of ‘Chains’ from Australia’s new girl squad, Jess Mauboy, The Veronicas and Tina Arena, as well as a controversial speech that was cut from the broadcast by Channel 10.

Here are the best moments from 2015.

1. Jess Mauboy, The Veronicas and Tina Arena’s version of ‘Chains’/Tina Arena’s acceptance speech.

Jess Mauboy, The Veronicas and Tina Arena sang ‘Chains’ and proved that even though there were fewer female voices at the ARIAs this year, their voices are just as powerful.

After this, Kylie Minogue inducted into Tina Arena into the ARIA Hall of Fame saying, “She may have been called Tiny Tina, but her voice was telling a different story.”

This speech was the the moment that Tina delivered her smackdown line to all the ageists: “I want to acknowledge the women in their 40s still in the game in a big way…We will decide when it’s time for us to stop.”


The performance of Tina Arena’s chains that everybody’s talking about:


2. A brother sister show down of pop-tastic proportions.

Conrad Sewell and his sister Grace were up against each-other for Song of the Year. That would have been a tense Sunday lunch last week.

Conrad took home the big pointy award for his record Start Again. “I want to thank my baby sister Grace,” he said, before giving her a cheeky wink that was equal parts ‘love ya sis’ and ‘nah-nah-nahnah-nahhhh’.

Grace was nominated for her hit with “You Don’t Own Me” featuring G Eazy.

Ellie Drennan, Conrad Sewell and Eden King.

3. Matt and Alex dressing up as Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video.

Triple J radio hosts undoubtedly won the red carpet with their very bright and creative costumes.

The pair opted to dress respectively as singer Drake and associated lights from the filmclip for ‘Hotline Bling’:

Matt and Alex. Source: Twitter

This wasn’t the first dress up for the duo however. At the 2014 ARIAs, they graced the red carpet as Sia and Chet Faker.

They obviously won that red carpet too.

Check out all the best looks from the ARIAs red carpet here. 


4. Jarryd James thanking George Michael by accident. And then ACTUALLY thanking George Michael.

Jarryd James deservedly won Best Pop Release for his song ‘Do you remember’. A little nervous, James thanked pop legend George Michael instead of his two friends (one who’s name included George, the other, Michael).

He did acknowledge his nerves in his speech, saying “You know when you get sweat on your iPhone screen, that’s going on” according to News.com.auwhich really just made everyone like him that much more.

Jarryd James’ ‘Do you remember’:

5. Matt Okine calling out the lack of female representation.

Three cheers for Triple J breakfast host Matt Okine who used his stage time to draw attention to the notable absence of women in the ARIA category Best Comedy Release, and on the night in general.

“I don’t think there were any women nominated in Best Comedy Release, and there’s not even any female featured guests!” he said.

“I’d just feel stupid not saying anything.”

Channel Ten chose not to air Matt’s ‘rant.’ Well, we’re not about to let it go unrecognised.

Matt Okine’s acceptance speech.