Ariana Grande shames Bette Midler for calling her names. Uses a mermaid. Genius.




Nothing like an argument between a 68-year-old legend and a 21-year-old pop star to brighten up your day.


Bette Midler and Ariana Grande. NOT friends.


Yesterday, Bette Midler had a go at Problem singer Ariana Grande. Called her ‘silly’. Called her ‘high-pitched’. Pretty much called her a ‘couch-slithering whore’.

It was pretty harsh, even when directed at a pop star who once told her fans to “all f*cking die.”


But Ariana took it pretty well. At least, she took it pretty well where it matters – on Twitter. The 140 character limit just wasn’t enough for Ariana’s defensive but kind statement. She had to screenshot her long response and Tweet the picture instead. WELL PLAYED.


She also posted a photo of Bette dressed as a mermaid, with the caption “all love here”.


Okay, Bette and Ariana. Glad we got all the whore-calling out of our system. Let’s try to get along now, divas.




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