Are we having fun yet?

ALMOST. It’s been not yet 48 hours since we re-launched the site and miraculously, I’m not yet in the foetal position in the corner rocking quietly back and forth. Close but not yet rocking…..

Instead? I am trying hard, so VERY HARD to channel that little Buddha dude right there on the Apple. That is so me. Except not.

It’s been rather an extraordinary experience this New Website Launch Caper. I don’t quite know if I’d recommend you rush out and do it. But one thing that’s been fantastic is having that post about dealing with anxiety on the homepage (you can see it if you scroll or go here). Not only have all the comments been sage in their wisdom and advice, each time I come to the home page these past couple days, I can get a visual hit of Rescue Remedy. Now if only they made it in an industrial size I could shower under.

Now just to REALLY fuck with my remaining brain cells, the commenting system back-end (called Echo) has just been up-graded because that timing could not be more convenient. So YES, I know the comments look different today than they did yesterday and YES, I know you were just getting used to how they looked with the new site AND NOW THEY’RE NEW AGAIN AND AM I TRYING TO MESS WITH YOUR MIND?????? and all I can say is welcome to my world.

I’ve been madly dashing around the front and back ends of the site (which sounds vaguely raunchy but I assure you is not) and reading all your comments on individual posts and also on the Welcome post where so many of you were lovely enough to say kind things. Thank you for those.

CANT SEE PHOTOS? Some people say they can’t see the photos in Frockwatch, yes? Please leave a comment below telling us what browser (and version of it) you’re using. Site was built to accomodate all browsers but it seems some have fallen through the cracks which sucks. We’ll fix it.


Something that clearly needs a little explaining is the new comment system which allows you to create a profile – IF YOU WISH. No, this is not some Big Brother conspiracy where you’re being watched (by who? I don’t even have time to put on shoes, Paranoid Dude….) It’s a way to help facilitate the way this community has naturally connected and bonded in ways I couldn’t have dared hope when I first launched the site.

But the commenting profile thing is entirely optional. You can always leave a ‘casual’ post under the ‘guest’ option.

As with any form of social media, you can make up a name, you can upload a photo of yourself or Bart Simpson or Angelina Jolie or a chocolate doughnut for your profile pic.

I’m well aware that with the nature of this site and the wonderful, honest quality of the comments, not everyone wants to comment under the same name every time. Sometimes, you want to be anonymous.

I understand.Yes I do.

If you just change the NAME in your profile to “Jane” or whatever (assuming that’s not actually your name) on a comment when you want to be anonymous, it will still recognise you (via a cookie in your browser). You need to log out of your profile (the ‘log out’ option on top right of the comment box) and then just leave a comment as a ‘guest’ with whatever anon name you like.

That way, your anon comment won’t link in any way to your profile.

When you’re done being a secret squirrel, you can log back into your profile. Or not.

To CREATE a profile, you can either connect up to one you already have in Facebook or Twitter or Yahoo or, if you have none of those, just make one in any of the options in the drop down menu. The Guest one is always temporary (I think).

NOTE: We’re still working on moving comments from the site that were left before this week over to the new site but when they finally get here, they unfortunately won’t link up with your new profile because computers just aren’t that smart. Damn them to hell.

Yes, there are still some glitches that we’re working on but here is a really good place to ask questions or leave comments about any problems you may be experiencing. PLEASE be patient. We’re busting our buns to get it all smooth and lovely for you.

And thanks again for all the overwhelmingly positive messages. Love youse all.

PS: In other news, the Mama-Meet-Up, where a group of Mamamia regulars are meeting up in person is officially happening.Go here for details about that.

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