The secret to youthful skin apparently lives in your bedroom.

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There are very few things in this world that can definitively claim to truly help keep skin looking and feeling youthful.

Sunscreen is one of those rare things. Surgery – on the more extreme side of things – is another. But there’s something else that’s popped up in the beauty vernacular.

And it’s one that beauty aficionado Zoe Foster Blake has previously called “probably the best anti-ageing beauty ‘product’ a dame can use”. So you could say we were kind of keen to try it.

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What are we referring to here? Silk pillowcases. Yes, you heard correctly.

They’re soft and gentle on your skin and hair. They’re said to help with those “sleep creases” you (read: I) wake up with, and they’ve been said to be less absorbent than your regular ol’ cotton pillowcases – meaning that your night cream or moisturiser actually stays on your skin.

So I decided to put it to the test. (Post continues after gallery.)

I decided on a Slip silk pillowcase in a pretty gold shade. Aside from feeling delightful on my skin, I did feel that I woke up with less of those pillow creases that indicate you’ve hardly moved your head all night (which equals a great night of slumber – bliss). I could go to bed with air-dryed hair, and I felt like it wasn’t a total bird’s nest when I woke up. A rarity for me.

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But as an “anti-ageing” tool, does it really stack up? I asked the experts.

Emma Hobson, Education Manager the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica said it can, in a certain context.

“A silk pillowcase is not as much an ‘anti-ageing tool’ as an ‘anti-crease tool’. Having such a smooth surface for your facial skin to sleep upon means you’ll wake up with less of those ‘sleep-creases’,” Hobson explains.

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Basically, they help your skin to “glide” over the fabric while you sleep, rather than “pulling” on it - which is what can happen with a cotton pillowcase.

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“It doesn’t hold as much heat as cotton so is good for people with more sensitive skin who may suffer from Rosacea and is ideal for women going through menopause who are experiencing hot flushes,” Hobson says.

“It also allows more moisture to be kept in the skin than with a cotton version due to its super fine weave, so it’s good for people with dehydration and skin dryness.”

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This is a fantastic result for that expensive night cream you’ve been slathering onto dry winter skin, no?

Like Emma, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr James Southwell-Keely says it’s important to be wary of a so-called anti-ageing trend that doesn’t have any solid research behind it.

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“There is no scientific evidence that support the statement that silk pillowslips have any anti-aging properties whatsoever. Silk may produce less creases on your face after a night's sleep, however these creases do not constitute 'wrinkles’,” he explains.

“The pathophysiology of rhytid (wrinkle) formation has nothing to do with temporary creases left on your skin by manchester.”

Well, as someone who, before using a silk pillowcase, regularly woke up with a very indented and sleepy face every morning, this is a comforting fact.

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If you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, there are several things you can do. For starters, start slathering on sunscreen daily if you’re not already, don’t smoke and try to reduce your stress levels.

“We now know that sugar is responsible for premature skin ageing through a process called ‘glycation’, so keep your sugar intake to a minimum,” recommends Hobson.

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“Use skin care 'treatment’ products packed with peptides, anti-Oxidants, vitamins A, C, E and panthenol and exfoliants containing Hydroxy Acids.”

No, you shouldn't add “sleep” to the list of “ageing” things you may already be worrying about. It’s a time where your skin naturally regenerates. Sleep easy with the knowledge your snooze habits will not ruin your delightful skin.

Have silk pillowcases helped your skin?

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