Guy rants on why tampons shouldn't be free, proves he has zero understanding of vaginas.

A 19-year-old man has faced a barrage of criticism online after posting some seriously misguided tweets about women’s bodies and their periods.

Proving that human biology should be a mandatory course at school, Ryan Williams wrote on Monday, “Tampons should not be free, why does everyone keep saying they should be?? if u can’t control ur bladder then that’s not taxpayers problem!”

Ahh Ryan, do you seriously think periods come from women’s bladders?

Sheesh, this is awkward.

Not stopping there (because, let’s face it. Why would you?) the Brexit supporter and ‘meninist’ continued, “pay for ur own tampons if u can’t hold it until u get to a toilet. I don’t urinate everywhere and expect free nappies #selfcontrol.” 

At this point, I’d really like to give Ryan a call and let him know that a) women have been #selfcontrolling their periods for decades now, it’s called the pill; and b) weeing yourself is entirely different to your uteral wall lining shedding itself, but it seems like this significant information would definitely be lost on him.

Ryan Williams is confused about women's biology. Image via Instagram/@ryanwilliams97

Continuing on with a good thing, the self-declared politician and youth adult spokesperson then mused, "and just for the record, I don't think condoms should be free either... close ur legs and hold ur bladder, end of discussion."

He then continued, "Someone just told me they spent £2,000 (AU$3200) on tampons in 20 years... just hold ur bladder and donate it to charity OMG what a waste of money."

Oh God. I just... I'm just going to leave this here.

Then, and I really don't know how he thought this was going to end, he decided to create a Twitter poll, asking followers "Should Tampons be free?"

And because this is 2016, 90 per cent of the internet voted yes.


Within hours of sharing his anatomically incorrect views, poor old Ryan came under serious fire, with one woman calmly letting him know in all caps that "PERIODS DONT EVEN COME FROM OUR BLADDERS THEY COME FROM OUR UTERUSES."

Another simply asked, "You’re new to vaginas, aren’t you?"

Trying to use logic, one Twitter user explained, "If you're still unsure (and it would seem you are), the next time you cut yourself, try holding it till you get to a loo..."

The London teen, whose hobbies include "spending days" hunting down celebrities like Britney Spears and Selena Gomez, says he's received countless death threats from "mad bitches" since first posting his opinions 48 hours ago.

Samantha X on why getting your period is not great when you are a sex worker. (Post continues after audio.)

And two days on from the initial tweet, Ryan has extended himself to likening women to his "gorgeous Toy Poodle" and creating his own GoFundMe campaign to raise money for biology lessons.

Sadly -- so very, very sadly -- the campaign has been shut down for not meeting the site's campaign guidelines.

But the King of #selfcontrol remains steadfast in his opinions, most recently tweeting, "My mum is worried people will throw tampons at me in the street. She's not worried about the death threats, just the tampons."

But you know what Ryan? Your mum should be more worried about how little you know about human anatomy, to be quite honest.

Maybe getting hit in the head by a flying tampon will knock some education into your otherwise unenlightened self.