Bachelor fans are freaking out over a photo of Nikki with a huge rock on her finger.

Okay, we admit that things appear to be moving pretty fast for Bachelor front-runner and country racing enthusiast Nikki Gogan and maybe-beau-to-be Richie Strahan, but wedding bells are probably a while off yet.

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While Nikki’s love confession on last night’s episode certainly gave us the warm and fuzzies, speculation that the couple are engaged is more than a little premature.

The girls caught up with the one-and-only Keira.

A picture was recently posted of the the 28-year-old appeared on the Fashion and the Races Instagram page, with eagle-eyed commenters quick to spot a big ‘ol rock on the real estate agent’s wedding ring finger.

Turns out that particular picture is actually a couple of years old, as are several others showing Nikki sporting the same ring at the 2014 Melbourne Cup.

She had been in a relationship with her ex for more than a decade.


We'll know for sure who's captured Richie's heart next week but until then:

No spoilers please!

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