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Everything we know about the wild MAFS rumour that Seb leaves Lizzie to be with Stacey.

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We may only have a few more episodes of Married At First Sight left, but the rumours are still coming in thick and fast.

For the past six weeks, we’ve heard a bunch of wild rumours about potential couple swaps, we’ve heard theories about Stacey and Mikey, Michael and KC and even Jonethen and KC. There’s been…. a lot. 

But this rumour is certainly the most confusing one yet. Apparently Stacey and Seb – two people we never in a million years would’ve pictured together – have hit it off.

That’s right. Stacey, who prefers… ahem the finer things in life and Seb, who very much likes to run around parks pretending to be a monster, are supposedly in a serious relationship.

Yeah… we’re confused too. But let us (try to) explain.

You see, an inside source supposedly told New Idea that Seb decided to leave his on-screen wife Lizzie after falling for Stacey.

“Seb and Stacey started meeting up regularly when Stacey’s marriage to Michael was falling apart,” the source told the publication.

Apparently Seb provided a shoulder for Stacey to cry on while she dealt with her break-up.


Although it’s still early days, the source says the pair have “developed a genuine connection” and claims Stacey is considering introducing Seb to her two children.

Interestingly, a close friend of Stacey also told the publication that while Seb isn’t the kind of guy Stacey would usually go for, they seem to be getting serious.

“She’s trying something – or should I say, someone – completely different to what she would usually go for,” the friend told New Idea. “And it seems to be working out for her this time. She can’t wait until she’s got the green light to go public with Seb.”

Apparently, Lizzie was blindsided by the whole thing.

“Lizzie can’t believe this has happened again. She’s completely heartbroken because she truly thought Seb could be the one,” a friend of Lizzie’s told the same publication.

“But it’s even harder for her because she considered Stacey her closest friend on the show. She’s shocked she would throw their friendship away for a guy, especially considering how strongly she defended her during filming.”


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I’m so glad I met you. #SisterBond #MAFS

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To make matters worse, the friend claimed Lizzie has been contractually obliged to stay with Seb until the show ends to keep up appearances.


“It’s extremely hard for her to act like they are still madly in love. She’s putting on a brave face and doing what she’s contractually obliged to, but behind closed doors, she’s distraught.”

While nothing has been confirmed yet, this isn’t the first rumour to suggest Lizzie and Seb break-up before the reunion episode.

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail published images of Lizzie leaving the MAFS apartments with her belongings and driving to her hometown of Newcastle in late November, just days before the final vows.

She was helped by a female producer but no camera crew filmed as she left.

Photos show that not long after Lizzie’s car left, the same female producer was with Seb, who then took off to walk around Sydney for about an hour.

According to the Daily Mail, Seb and Lizzie then returned to film their final vows days later on December 3.

So there we have it, it looks like Seb and Lizzie (aka the only remaining hope for the season) might not make it after all.

Feature Image: Instagram @seb.guilhaus/@staceylhampton

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