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A thorough investigation into whether MAFS' Bryce and Melissa are still together.

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For three months of the year, precisely every citizen of Australia gets sucked into the drama cabana that is Married At First Sight.

Why? Because it's solid gold TV trash that has been produced specifically to have us caring about the rogue brides and grooms and the fate of their fake marriages.

But one couple in particular have us asking a LOT of questions. And that is: Bryce and Melissa.

Watch the trailer for this season of Married At First Sight. Post continues after video.

Video via Nine.

Melissa arrived on our screens declaring that she had never been on a date and had been single for over 12 years. Meaning she's obviously super mentally prepared to have her first romance in over a decade aired on national television for all to judge...


The experts matched Melissa up with Canberra boy Bryce, who hosts a radio show in the nation's capital. He, unlike Melissa, has just gotten out of a relationship - actually, an engagement - and has only been single for a couple of months. 

The wedding seemed to go fairly smoothly, with the two gelling pretty quickly and the even consummated the marriage that night. (We know it's weird that we know that, but this is the whacky world of MAFS.)

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However, things took a turn during their honeymoon when Melissa asked Bryce (via the honesty box) whether she was his usual type. He responded abysmally and then drove Melissa to tears by cracking out this shocker of a 'compliment':

"You're not ugly."

Image: Nine. While it seems the pair patched things up after that conversation, there have been some real-time rumours flying around about the fate of this couple's relationship. 


So, let's tackle the question on everyone's lips...

Are Bryce and Melissa still together?

The first clue the MAFS couple had 'made it' was when they appeared on The Today Show, zoom calling in together from the same location. If they were in fact separated, surely they would have zoomed in separately? And while we know the production team goes to extreme lengths to keep up the charade of a real relationship, we think it might be too much of a stretch to assume they would have flown the two during a pandemic to be able to film from the same spot. 

Image: The Today Show.


Then we have the paparazzi shots...

While we don't publish paparazzi pictures on Mamamia, we have seen them with our eyeballs and they capture Bryce going about his everyday life in Somerville. 

FYI Somerville is a town in Victoria where Melissa lives. Why do we know this? Because she shared a post about buying her first house there and tagged the location.

(Yes, we are available for freelance detective work.)

On Tuesday Bryce was seen at a barbershop, then training at the Somerville Eagles Soccer Club, and finally at Somerville Subway. We're thinking if he's already joined the local football club, then he's pretty settled in the area.

We'll keep you posted if there are any further developments, but for now it seems that the verdict is as follows:

Bryce and Melissa are still together.

Feature Image: Nine.