FINALLY: We know the launch date of the Apple iPhone 7.

Rumours that the highly anticipated reveal of the iPhone 7 is just around the corner have reached fever pitch in recent hours after Apple sent out a cryptic invitation on Monday.

Saying only “See you on the 7th,” many Apple watchers are speculating that the San Francisco event scheduled for next week will mark the launch of the next-generation handset, and possibly updated models of the Apple watch and MacBook as well.

The event date also coincides with an announcement that was made by Apple last month that said pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 7 would begin on 9 September.

apple iphone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 launch invitation sent out on Monday. Source: Apple.

While the size of the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will still have the same screen sizes as the iPhone 6 model (4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively), several important updates are included.

For starters, it is rumoured that the iPhone 7 will be equipped with a dual-camera system that allows users to capture brighter, more detailed images than ever before, making it the most advanced cameraphone system in the world.


The home button has also allegedly been designed to read multiple inputs and will use Force Touch technology.

And finally, one important (and controversial) thing missing from the design is the headphone jack.

apple iphone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 launch invitation sent out on Monday. Source: Apple.

Yep, gone are the iconic white headphones, being replaced by a second speaker. How that is set to work, we're still not exactly sure yet.

The voice-activated guidance counsellor figure that is Siri will almost certainly remain.

The new Apple iPhone 7 model is predicted to hit shelves as soon as 16 September.