Good news for anyone who's ever sent a text, then immediately panicked.

Hands up who’s ever sent a text message to the wrong person — or after a few too many wines?

You type the message, hit send and then….

We’ve all been there.

Which is why we were pretty damn happy when we heard that a new app launched on 19 August can undo those mistakes.

Invisible Text, a new app available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, allows mobile phone users to delete sent texts — as long as they haven’t already been opened.

eWeek reports the app also allows users to send texts, videos, and video or picture messages that must be read within a certain period of time, or they’ll self-destruct.

“It doesn’t have to be about that naughty moment—it can also be for business,” entertainment blogger Micah Jesse said at a promotional event last month, according to eWeek. “This is Snapchat taken to the next level.” 

Invisible Text’s makers claim the app uses groundbreaking, patent-pending technology. 

“Without the correct device information, user ID and password, messages cannot be decrypted. This prevents message interception, thereby helping to preserve a person’s privacy and protect against identity theft,” the company said in a statement.

“To date, no other solution can ensure secure data transmission between two devices, including a smartphone, smart TV, computer, tablet, or radio or webcam,” it said.

There’s just one catch: the recipient of the text you want to delete must also have Invisible Text for the app to work.

Have you ever wished you could delete a text?