The Bachelorette's Apollo explains why his final date went so excruciatingly wrong.

On last night’s episode of The Bachelorette our collective hearts broke a little when Sophie Monk sent Apollo home.

She had to do it.

They’d been to the opera. Heard singing in a different language. Had a chat about their future and learned that, where Apollo is thinking about magician stunts in straight-jackets and helicopters, Sophie is thinking about marriage and (probably) kids.

It was clear: Things between the 24-year-old magician and the 37-year-old pop star, actress and Bachelorette had to come to an end.

Problem is, it was awkward.

After Sophie told Apollo she didn’t think he was ready to settle down, and he told her he could see himself getting married in “the next four to six years”, all we heard was… crickets. (Or, as Sophie would say, “cricket cricket cricket”.)

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Now, the man himself has given an explanation for his timeframe and also for the awkwardness. He’s also said good things about Sophie (as he should) and he’s thanked the people who’ve supported him along the way.

“Definitely not the ending I’d hoped for, three to six years was meant to be my reply for kids but I crumbled,” Apollo posted to Instagram late last night.

“Sophie is an absolutely amazing woman in every way and I wish her all the happiness I know she’ll make the right decision and end up with an awesome partner who’ll treat her right.”


He wasn’t done:

“I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who’s supported me through my journey, sorry I havnt been able to get back to people’s messages but your support means the world to me, it’s been a whirlwind experience full of challenges, life lessons and moments ill never forget.”

“I’ve learnt so much about my myself and been lucky enough to make some life-long friends in the house. My hearts still open for finding love and I know the right persons out there for me.”

Aww, Apollo. Who could resist? (And good luck with the helicopters!)

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