The 5 best-ever ANZAC biscuit recipes.

ANZAC Biscuits are simple and delicious. Here is the best recipe we’ve ever found and more delicious variations.

Since their invention during World War I, ANZAC biscuits have become part of Australian and New Zealand tradition.

The first biscuits were devised by a group of women looking for something sweet to send to their husbands, brothers and sons who were fighting in the war. Due to rations they were restricted in the ingredients they could use. Most poultry farmers joined the war so eggs were scarce. Eggs were also emitted so the biscuits wouldn’t spoil in transit.

The biscuits were traditionally packed into tins and sometimes billy tea tins to keep them airtight. The original biscuits were very hard. Today ANZAC biscuits have evolved into a sweeter, chewier version that are available year round.

Here are 5 of the best ANZAC biscuit recipes to enjoy this weekend. If you have a favourite ANZAC biscuit recipe you’d like to share, send it to [email protected]

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