Queensland anti-vaxxer has disabled son taken from her.

A young disabled boy who was last month snatched from hospital by his anti-vaxxer mother has been taken into the care of authorities after being deemed “at risk”.

In a now-deleted video posted to Facebook on Friday night, a number of NSW police and child protection workers appear to enact an order for the removal of the 4-year-old boy, while his distressed mother watches on.

anti-vaxxer's son removed
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The young boy, who suffers cerebral palsy, was last month the subject of a cross-border Amber Alert after his 26-year-old mother removed him from Brisbane's Lady Cilento Hospital before doctors could administer treatment.

The boy's mother has claimed she believes her son's condition is a result of vaccination and has built a loyal social media following through her aversion to Western science-based medicine. She claims instead to be healing her son through medicinal cannabis and organic food.

In a video posted to social media in January, she claimed Queensland child safety authorities ordered her to take the boy to hospital to be fed “this formula synthetic s**t”.


Last night's removal of Chase was also issued on medical grounds following the results of a recent hospital blood test.

The Daily Mail reports that the person who captured the Facebook video can be heard saying, 'The police are trying to take [the boy]… they're going to put him on poisonous food and medicine again.'

NSW police confirmed to Mamamia this morning that a young boy had been taken into the care of authorities.

anti-vaxxer's son removed
The mother said she prefers to treat her son with natural remedies and diet. Source: iStock.

"At 4.30pm on Friday the 19th police attended a premises on Hunter Street in Newcastle in support of Family and Corrective Services regarding a child at risk," a spokesperson said.

"After extensive negotiations, a four-year-old boy was taken to John Hunter hospital for medical assessment."

The child is reportedly still in the care of authorities.