A pregnant passerby has unleashed on anti-abortion protesters, and it is glorious.


“You get raped… and you tell me what you’d do after that.”

This was just one of the brilliant lines delivered by a pregnant woman when she blasted anti-abortion protesters in London this week.

The woman was a passerby who witnessed the anti-abortion protesters secretly filming women entering and leaving an abortion clinic. Despite the obvious camera dangling around one of their necks, the anti-abortion protesters denied filming anyone when confronted by the clinic’s management.

Enter: glorious pregnant passerby with eloquent and passionate smackdown.

1.22 minutes into the video, the passerby unleashes her delightful wrath, shutting down the protesters’ arguments immediately with lines like, “for you to be standing out here and to be putting it on other women is wrong, so fucking wrong.”

It is one of the most satisfying and cathartic things you will watch this week. Buckle in and enjoy.