Just about the best celebrity wedding news we've heard all year.




This is BRILLIANT news.

Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea were married in New Zealand, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Same sex marriage is legal in New Zealand, and that’s where the two popular Australian entertainers said ‘I do’, surrounded by their friends and family.

They have been together for seven years, and announced their engagement three months ago.

Anthony, 31, shared his joy over Instagram this morning. “It’s extra special today as @timcampbelltwit and I get to share the news we are married! …Yep, he liked it, and definitely put a ring on it!”

After getting hitched in New Zealand (or ‘hutched’, as the Kiwis would say), they flew back to Melbourne to celebrate with friends at a dinner party in Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

The newlyweds spoke to Woman’s Day magazine about the two-day experience.

39-year-old Tim said “It was so magical and so beautiful. It was actually quite incredible.”

“It turned into a ridiculously fun cocktail party with Laurent-Perrier champagne and martinis.”

Kyle and Jackie O had the pair on air this morning. Kyle, in his usual no-boundaries manner, asked: “Most people don’t even have sex on their wedding night, how did you guys go?”

Anthony laughed and said “Oh, at least three times.”

Boom. Boom. Boom. Good, one guys.

Huge congratulations to a lovely couple.