This guy’s written warning at work is perhaps the funniest thing ever.



Nobody likes getting in trouble at work, but if the situation ever does arise where you get written up for doing something wrong, you’d at least want it to be for something awesome.

Like for singing “This is how we glue it,” at the gluing station:


Two questions:

1. Did the guy who got in trouble for this amazing Montell Jordan parody, frame his disciplinary action form so he may bequeath it to his grandkids one day?

And 2. What kind of workplace has a gluing station and how do we get hired there?

This guy could probably be added to this list of annoying things people do at work. (Although some would say the people who complained were annoying.)

What’s the most annoying things your colleagues do at work? Eat loudly? Leave moldy food in the fridge?

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