Anna Nicole Smith’s 6-Year-Old Daughter Models For Guess. Discuss

Dannielynn Birkhead, the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, is already walking in her mother's shoes. The 6-year-old has taken a gig modelling for Guess, a company that hired Smith as a model in the '90s.

Birkhead's photo shoot for Guess Kids was shot on Malibu Beach and will appear on buses, billboards and in magazines starting in January. The ad campaign also stars 4-year-old Peyton Edmunds, the daughter of R&B singer Babyface. Guess creator Paul Marciano says Birkhead "has the same playful spirit that her mother brought to set."

That connection to her mother was part of the reason Birkhead was interested in the shoot. The child was only an infant when her mother died in 2007, and she was put in the custody of her father, photographer Larry Birkhead, two months later.

"Dannielynn had fun paying tribute to her mum with the Guess ad campaign, but it is back to school for her, which is her focus," Birkhead tells Entertainment Tonight. "The first thing she asked is, 'When will I be on the shopping bags like Mummy?' I know that Anna's looking at this and seeing how great this will be."

He later added on Good Morning America, "Dannielynn has always looked up to her mum's image and … I think that this is kind of Dannielynn's way of paying tribute to her mum in her own special way. To see her mum's picture next to hers as a Guess girl and say, 'Hey, I was a Guess Kids girl, my mummy was a Guess girl,' that might be her only connection with her mum."


Still, Birkhead seems conscious of the fact he doesn't want to let Dannielynn walk the exact same path as her mother.

"My goal for her is for her to be a child and just do what all kids do," he says.

Except that all kids don't appear on advertising campaigns at age six. I’m having trouble believing that this is in the best interest of Dannielynn: why would you want your daughter to follow in the same footsteps of her mother when it ended so tragically?

What disturbs me is that in explaining the photoshoot her father says, Dannielynn wants to be a Guess Kids girl because that might be her only connection with her mother. Really? That's her only connection to her mother? Book the Child stars: where are they now television special now. 

It doesn’t matter that the campaign pictures are completely innocent and contrived, that take your own advice Larry and let her have a 'normal' childhood – one that is far away from a photographer's lens.

Do you think it's right for Birkhead to be modelling?