Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich just hit an important relationship milestone.

When it comes to relationships, there are an infinite number of significant milestones.

The first kiss. The first holiday. The first time living together. The first ‘I love you.’ The first fart.

But The Bachelor’s Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich have just hit a relationship milestone that very few of us will ever reach: the first matching magazine covers.

Or, as Anna calls it, #loversoncovers.

Kanye and Kim have probably done it, as have Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. But who knows, really, because this is very, very rare.

Now this doesn’t happen everyday ????#loversoncovers #proudaspunch #stronghealthyyou #womenshealth #outnow #menshealth #mymainman #honoured

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Heinrich, 29, and Robards, 34, both appear on the cover of the December issues of Women’s Health and Men’s Health respectively.


Somehow I don’t think I’ll ever a) be in a magazine, b) be on the cover of a magazine, or c) be on a cover of a magazine so regularly that it coincides with my partner’s cover.

But that’s OK. I have other relationship milestones to reach. Like first time adopting 18 chocolate brown labrador puppies in one day. That’s a big one.

While this is Heinrich’s first Women’s Health cover, Robards has appeared on several issues of Men’s Health.

Heinrich appears in the nude on the magazine, which is fittingly labelled ‘The Naked Issue.’


She’s also shared a black and white photo from inside the magazine, with a caption explaining what it means to her.

“I couldn’t be any more proud and honoured to feature on the December issue for @womenshealthaus,” she writes.

“LET’ S SPREAD THE BODY LOVE MESSAGE – Post a picture that inspires body confidence for you  #stronghealthyyou.”

Congratulations on a very serendipitous relationship milestone, Tim and Anna – but please excuse me while I see someone about some puppies.

Featured image: Instagram