Anna Heinrich had a gorgeous red carpet outfit planned... until it didn't arrive.

Last night, Anna Heinrich suffered every star’s worst nightmare ahead of a red carpet appearance.

The lawyer and Bachelor star had her outfit perfectly planned ahead of time, as is typical for these kind of events. Then something went wrong.

Just hours before she was due at the InStyle Women of Style awards, her dress still hadn’t arrived. Fortunately, designer Rebecca Vallance – also a favourite of Sylvia Jeffreys – came to the rescue with another dress.

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"[My dress] is Rebecca Vallance. So I basically picked this up just two hours ago," Heinrich told Mamamia on the InStyle red carpet.

"I had something else in mind and that didn't come because it was coming from overseas. So I'm wearing Rebecca Vallance, I love her stuff and it fits me so well."


Heinrich had also packed pretty light for the night.

"I actually don't have much in my bag, I didn't even want to bring a bag. I've got my car keys, phone, credit card but I normally have my Blistex lip balm, eyedrops -  you never know! -  and then my whole makeup bag!" she said.

And if you struggle to come up with one outfit to wear each day, spare a thought for Anna, who's been busy at Fashion Week this week.


"I've worn about three outfits each day. A lot of people just wear the one, for me I really want to suppport the brands I was going to. Yes, it's a bit tiring but it's worth it!" she said.

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She admitted the jam-packed week had made her "exhausted".

"Even if you just go to one show it's actually exhausting because you're getting hair, makeup done and there's so many people and so much excitement, it does get exhausting," she said.

"So I'm looking forward to tonight where I can sit down, have a really nice dinner and we [with her partner Tim Robards] head off to Broome tomorrow for a break so that will be nice."