No, Anna Heinrich's Instagram wasn't photoshopped. It's just a very weird optical illusion.

We can rule out at least one suspect in the case of Anna Heinrich’s disappearing handbag strap. It’s not Photoshop, folks.

Have no idea what we’re talking about? Don’t worry – that probably means you’ve been leading a rich, fulfilling weekend. But now that you’re here, allow us to catch you up.

The winner of the inaugural season of The Bachelor Australia, Anna Heinrich, shared a photo with her 302,000 Instagram followers yesterday, while attending Derby Day in Melbourne. In the snap, the 30-year-old has a black Jimmy Choo handbag slung over her bare shoulder.

Typically glam. Gorgeous. But look closely and you’ll notice something missing.


The portion of the strap in front of her shoulder has straight up vanished. Maybe it’s a trick of the light, a shadow, maybe it’s some gravity-defying accessories trend, maybe, maybe…

“It’s Photoshop,” critics cried. “So disappointed.”

After a significant amount of finger-pointing in the comments section (and the odd headline in the tabloids), Heinrich supplied evidence via her Instagram Story that it’s simply her phone “playing tricks”.

No Photoshop here. Image: Instagram.

The original pic had been saved as a Live Photo, which captures three seconds of video each time a photo is taken - essentially creating a moving picture. And in it, yep, the strap is missing.

"I agree it does look weird," Heinrich captioned her story. "My iPhone seems to be playing tricks on us... trippy.

"Confirming - no photoshopping!"

So while the mystery may not be entirely solved, Heinrich has another theory, which she shared with a commenter.

"My arm ate it."