New city, new job, new moped: Anna Bligh on life after politics and cancer.

As The Killing Season showed us, politics can be a bitter business.

Not for Anna Bligh.

The former Premier says losing the Queensland election in 2012 was “awful”, but moving to Sydney was a a godsend in readjusting to a new life.

Then she was diagnosed with cancer.

Anna Bligh.

This week on the Debrief Daily podcast 'Just Between Us', Anna Bligh talks about life after cancer and politics.

It's a revealing and honest account (but it does involve gelato, gardening and a fabulous new job helping women all over the world).

Anna talks about how she coped with the 'why me? It's not fair' feelings that came with her diagnosis and treatment.  She also reveals what real friendship means, how her relationship with her sons changed when she got sick and as they've grown up, and what she thinks about letting go of hurt and moving on.

You can listen here on iTunes or below on Soundcloud

And here's an extract from her biography, 'Through the Wall: Reflections on leadership, love and survival