Ugh. Photoshop took this woman's waist away.


This poor model. She signs on to model a swimsuit for designer Ann Taylor and ends up with a big ol’ chunk of her waist missing.


Look how the curve of her hip suddenly disappears behind the wrist of her right hand. Like dark magic. Or Photoshop.

Let’s look at that a little closer, shall we?

This perfectly lovely young lady (we love the fishtail braid and her make-up is naturally gorgeous) just casually loses centimetres from the side of her torso like it aint no thang. The angle of her pelvis as it tilts up to her hipbone is… Well, it’s just not right, is it?

Shame on you, Ann Taylor’s Photoshop Wizard, you have turned a rather stunning photo into a bizarre optical illusion.

We are thoroughly unimpressed.

Not the first time this has happened, obviously. Scroll through all these ridiculous times:

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