My twin boys want to be animals. I don't know what to do...

My kids are OBSESSED with animals.

It all started with those Woolworths cards. One minute I had completely sane, well-adjusted 7-year-old twin boys, the next – I had two major obsessions on my hands.

My name is Jennifer, and my kids are obsessed with animals.

I know, I know – hardly something to worry about. As far as fixations go, it’s a pretty educational and fun one for my kids to have.

And let me tell you – they are fixated. Every conversation, every poster on the wall, every toy, every book, every website, every TV show… All animals.

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I guess I had forgotten the capability kids have to become crazy about one particular thing. When I was young, it was Titanic (not the movie, which was not even close to coming out, but let’s not talk about how old I am). My dad had an old book about the Titanic and within a day I was hooked. I needed to know everything. I may or may not have ended up painting portholes on my walls.

THOSE animal cards.

So I get it. But I guess with my boys it just took me by surprise. It’s been such a whirlwind I feel like I need to break it down to understand just how it got to the point I have two young kids who are already researching veterinary schools.

It started with the Woolworths cards, I know that much. I’m sure many of you went through that adventure.

Then came the silence. You know when things are just a little too quiet? So quiet that you know you should probably go and find out why but you’re also enjoying a rare moment of peace? Yeah, it got that quiet. Eventually I found them huddled around the computer, reading about Africa.

The silence didn’t last long though. Within a couple of days the backyard was an imaginary safari. Apparently we had every animal on earth back there, from puppies to lions to elephants. I couldn’t see them but I took the boys’ word for it. I was just glad they were willingly using their imaginations instead of watching TV. I felt like I was winning at parenting.

Next came the demands for the zoo. Oh, how they talked about the zoo. It was like their Mecca or something. When were going to the zoo? How long until we go to the zoo? Thanks for taking us to the zoo mum, when are going again?

“Toys, books, dress-ups, pyjamas – it’s like my brain has developed animal product-sonar.”

Not long after that, came the posters. All the posters. If they couldn’t be close to their Zoo Mecca, they at least wanted to cover every inch of their bedroom with animals. Every. Single. Inch. I can’t even think about the amount of blue-tac we went through.

Then came the facts. So many facts. “Hey mum, guess how long a sea turtle can live for?” “Hey dad, do you know how many hours a day a sloth sleeps?” “Hey mum, did you know that a parrot can (insert fact about parrot that I can’t remember because I was cooking dinner)?”

It didn’t take long for the obsession to spread throughout the entire house. The school holidays meant the bathroom was the ‘lagoon’, the living room was the ‘cave’ and the backyard was the ‘jungle’. It amused my husband and I immensely to be able to tell my parents that the kids had spent the weekend huddled in a cave.

The final step of the obsession was realising it had spread to me. I’m constantly on the lookout for animal stuff now. Toys, books, dress-ups, pyjamas – it’s like my brain has developed animal product-sonar. I can spot a David Attenborough DVD from 100 metres away. I know the best cartoons and the best websites. I officially feed their obsession.

So that’s how it happened, I guess. It started with animal trading cards and ended with me calling referring to our toilet as a lagoon.

People say these kid-obsessions are just a phase, but I hope this one isn’t.

I love that my boys love something (and I’m relieved it’s not horror movies or death metal). I love that they’re learning and playing and teaching me about elephants.

As far as obsessions go, it’s a pretty good one. Although I am glad they haven’t yet realised that there is such a thing as ‘exotic pets’.

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